comeback post.lol.

when was the last time i posted icons here?LOL.a decade ago?XDDD anyways, made lots of icons for you guys to make up for my long long long hiatus.lots of varieties for you now.hahahaha! i have [the usual] japanese fandoms, korean, chinese and even american!HAHAHAHAHA! i think i havent made icons for an american before?lol, well that's david cook for you.XD in other stuff, i'm trying to catch up with my fandom [k8] so i decided to start by making icons from their photobook which i love love love lovvvvveeeee [a lot of thanks to agtoro].ok, what else? ah! last year i had some requested icons from you guys.i was already done with half of them but my old computer died on me and the files just went pooof! so my biggest apologies goes to those who requested icons.i think i won't accept requests anymore since time won't allow me to make lots of things.though it's summer here right now, i'm just not that enthusiastic anymore in making lots of icons on a daily basis.LOL.yeah i know, im lazy like blah.

enough chitchat now, let's go on with the icons shall we?


1-5 ::David Cook
6-8 ::Mizushima Hiro
9-11::Jay Chou
12-17::Yamashita Tomohisa
18-21::Matsuda Shota
22-25::Megumi Sato
26-33::Lena Fuuji
34-39::Ueno Juri


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  • b_gatan


for 3 days, classes were suspended so i had the time to finish the requests and some icons.lately there have been a lot of earthquakes, intense heat, strong storms all over the world.how are you guys?still in one piece?i hope so.well anyways, i'm done with the requests, i hope you guys like them! i won't be taking requests for now since i'll be busy when i get back to school next week and i have to also get ready for my finals[ack..and to think that my midterms has just ended! >.<]i take that back, go HERE. i made icons for Proposal Daisakusen coz i just finished the series, i wont be giving spoilers by making comments so blah.i should just shut up now.XD well i think some of the icons are spoilers, sorry for that.i also have icons of japanese fashion magazine scans, lena fujii[gorgeous gorgeous woman], the usual kanjani8[plus animated icons!and lol at the seris of tacchon icons.XDDD], few icons of 1lot[if anybody's kind enough to give me caps of 1lot, please do], of course heavenly forest, and a yoko wallpaper.and oh! to rizkypuji, i havent forgotten about ur k8 wallie, i'll make it when i'm not busy anymore and when i'm not feeling lazy.LOL.other than that, ENJOY EVERYONE!!!!^^


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it's gonna rain

yay!!congratulations to sukebecons for reaching 100 members!and thank you to everyone who joined and thinks that my graphics are worth joining in.lol, that was so redundant don't you think? anyways, since i've posted, why don't i post along the requests and the fo banners that i made out of boredom...which is also a verrrryyy late continuation of this post.

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your favorite song

wow, this batch took a while to get posted. sorry bout that! i had them lying around for weeks already but i couldnt get the time to put them up.you know, school stuff.i was sick when i did these so sorry if they're not that good.anyways, i have new people in here namely leah dizon, nana eikura, uehara takako, hitomi, along with my usual aoi miyazaki, kanjani8, etc.i also have banners of heavenly forest, i can never get enough of that movie.

and guess what? REQUESTS ARE OPEN! just comment here with maximum of two HQ[as much as possible] images and i'll try my best to do them all. i decided to do this since we're close to having 100 watchers.and this is how i can show my gratitude to you guys.*hugs everyone* CLOSED

1-6 :: Aoi Miyazaki
7-10 :: Aya Ueto
11-22 :: C-ute
23-28 :: Yoon Eun Hye
29-3 :: Hitomi
34-58 :: Kanjani8
59-88 :: Leah Dizon
89-107 :: Nana Eikura
108-11 :: Shiina Ringo
112-122 :: Uehara Takako

3 Heavenly Forest banners


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2 sets of textures

*SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK* XDD so you guys thought i'll only post icons here huh?
i'm feeling generous so here i have some textures/stocks that can be used for your creative stuff.the stuff i used for these are my personal things[my clothes,bags,etc.] LOL.coz they have cute patterns and colors so why not make use of their beauties and share them?i'll be bringing you more resources in the days to come, but for the meantime, enjoy the stuff!! i'd love to see what you can make with these.

Set 1 preview:

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i don't trust anything that's bleeding for 3 days and doesn't die

this is a smaller batch compared to the 100 icons that i usually do before.there's something missing in here actually...can't guess it?..stocks.XDD i don't have new stocks so yeah, im too lazy to look for another batch.plus, i feel sick so i had to post these up or else i can't find time to post it anymore since school starts for me in 3 days...booo...everyone goes to summer vacation while me and the other students in my country get back to school..TT^TT
anyways, i don't want to end up ranting here so enjoy the icons!!

1-11 :: aoi miyazaki
12-18 :: aya ueto
19-28 :: tvxq
29-36 :: kanjani8
37-44 :: liar game

1 liar game banner


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k8 icons,yay!

the dvd is awesome.as in O-H-S-U-U-U-U-U-M-M-M.
i really tried to finish this by today, which i succesfully did, because of lack of time in the following days.and this is like my very first animated icon post!yay for me!!!anyways, enjoy!!!!

[14]Kanjani8 gifs from the dvd


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I got lazy when i was making the k8 icons so i only have 6...but i did make up for it by making a tacchon wallie...koneho was asking me to make a yoko and tacchon wallie when i made the k8 wallie for tacchon's bday. but no yoko for now, i'm getting lazy again.XD anyways, ENJOY!HOSHIT.I JUST REALIZED THAT koneho was asking for A RYO OR A YOKO wallie..NOT A TACCHON WALLIE. i fail.

[16]Tada,Kimi wo Aishiteru/Heavenly Forest
[8]Text from The Simpsons and Southpark

[65]Total Icons

[1]Ohkura Tadayoshi wallie


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