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i don't trust anything that's bleeding for 3 days and doesn't die

this is a smaller batch compared to the 100 icons that i usually do before.there's something missing in here actually...can't guess it?..stocks.XDD i don't have new stocks so yeah, im too lazy to look for another batch.plus, i feel sick so i had to post these up or else i can't find time to post it anymore since school starts for me in 3 days...booo...everyone goes to summer vacation while me and the other students in my country get back to school..TT^TT
anyways, i don't want to end up ranting here so enjoy the icons!!

1-11 :: aoi miyazaki
12-18 :: aya ueto
19-28 :: tvxq
29-36 :: kanjani8
37-44 :: liar game

1 liar game banner


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